Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Digital Advertising Tools by Microsoft

Microsoft has got into the business of building research tools that show marketers how consumers behave online. All the technologies are designed to help provide the better advertising experiences for users, advertisers and developers.

Microsoft adCenter Labs focus on 7 new areas.

  • keyword and content technologies
  • ad selection and relevance
  • audience intelligence
  • social networking
  • video
  • platforms
  • devices

Some of the technologies are…

  • Keyword Services Platform. The platform provides a set of Web service APIs related to keyword technologies, including keyword recommendation, forecasting, categorization and monetization, enabling developers to build more intelligent applications for online advertising and beyond.
  • Commercial intent detection. Advanced keyword analysis helps differentiate consumers who are looking to make an online purchase from those who are searching for information about products or performing other tasks.
  • Large display feedback. Vision-based technology creates interactive public displays that can measure the size of the audience, as well as track audience gestures and estimate demographics.
  • Social video sharing. This next-generation video sharing solution features a synchronized “commenting” technology. The introduction of novel in-video, synchronized comments enables a new level of interaction between users, opening up the video as a medium for collaboration.
  • Content classification: By accurately analyzing and matching the Web pages included in search results, Microsoft adCenter Labs technology helps increase the probability that the ads displayed during Web searches are relevant to consumers.
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