Monday, February 19, 2007

Global Warming [Earth] Challenge

Watched the media conference with Richard Branson of Virgin Group which owns Virgin Atlantic Airways and Al Gore (Former US Vice president and the person behind the documentary "An inconvenient truth") sitting next to him? It's quite interesting..Virgin Group is gonna award $25 million for an invention that removes non-trivial amounts of greenhouse gases (mainly CO2) from the atmosphere. For a convincing proposal, they'll initially award $5 million and the rest in installments provided the laid out milestones are achieved. By the way, they are also pledging billions to research into bio-fuels.

It's kinda conflict of interest..running a large airline company accounts for significant emission of greenhouse gases. However, it's better than doing nothing to compensate for the damage caused.

I'm sure this'll get many universities involved and interested.

All scientists and inventors, get working!

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