Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ugly side of blogging

Creating Passionate Users is one of the blogs that I enjoy reading. Kathy (aka a master mind behind head first series) is the primary blogger. Now she has temporarily stopped blogging after receiving various threats. I hope she'll not give in to those few people who cannot bear her success.

Randomly I selected two posts I liked:

The first one..
How to become an expert.. As she puts it so eloquently, "The only thing standing between you-as-amateur and you-as-expert is dedication". The following diagram shows it all.

(Courtesy: Creating Passionate Users)

The second one
Code like a girl... I am talking about true beauty here and it cannot be precisely defined as goes with the famous line "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". As a person who likes numbers a lot, I sometime come across beautiful mathematical equations. I like Kathy's idea of associating coding with beauty. The code we write should not only act right but look right ;-)

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