Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'Sights unseen' photography

When I first saw the subject of an ongoing photography exhibition 'sights unseen' in the news, I was so exited and was like 'this must be a collection of really cool photos I have hardly seen before'. But my first impression about the exhibition was wrong. However, I found it not only EVEN MORE exciting, but it's inspiring! It's a collection of really cool photos taken by people who are not fortunate enough to see. This bbc audio slideshow tells it all.
(A photo taken by a blind person)

All this time it was wired into my brain that, if you are blind you cannot take photographs. I was proved wrong! And it goes well with good old proverbs.

As I was Googling about the subject, I found the link that photography can be a tool for social change quite interesting.

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