Saturday, July 10, 2010

Research and camera lenses

There is a resemblance between the way we do research and the camera lenses. I am just trying to tie them together :)

Macro lens - Go deep into the details
Telephoto lens - Foresee the trends that drive the technology and demand new technology/solutions
Wide angle lens - Get the big picture
Prime lens - Focus on a topic

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M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

I think it works differently. Like estimating the future, for example. I think its the details that sometimes connote what's coming up in the future.

For example, details in my trade's keywords show that superpages and the like, are dropping down in the SERPS. While other sites are rising. In the meantime, Google only allows the best paying ads on top of the page, showing the best SEO in the world won't put anyone at the top of the page.

All these details lead me to think that someday Google may form an online directory that is very similar to how the yellow page books used to be complete and standard. And maybe for a fee too. Highlights offered for money right now are leaning that way.