Friday, January 28, 2011

Broadcast encryption vs. DRM

In the last post, I started looking into the problem of broadcast encryption (BE). In this short post, I am comparing the BE problem with DRM (Digital Rights Management) problem.

BE and DRM has the common goal of preventing unauthorized users from accessing the content. However, IMO, DRM is more challenging since the adversary could be a privileged user. A privileged user who has legitimate access could decide to copy or convert the content into a different format and share it with non-privileged users. Hence, DRM requires additional mechanisms to prevent copying or conversion or at least mechanism to identify a traitor if DRM is violated.


digital signature software said...

By this detail You mean that handling DRM problem is complicated than BE problem Or choice varies from one situation to other.If so then which one is preferred

Nabeel Yoosuf said...

DRM can be considered as an extension to BE. Hence, it requires additional mechanisms.