Thursday, October 6, 2011

Secure programming tips - reduce attack surface

The attack surface in software refers to the code an unauthenticated user can run. (What can an unauthenticated (malicious/untrusted) user do without having access to the system?)

For web forms,
- ALWAYS validate user inputs
- ALWAYS use the least possible privileged access to the resources (if a database connection only requires read only user, make sure that the web forms are connected to the database through a read only database user that read only from a specific database.)
- NEVER show exceptions on the browser as they may reveal useful information to an attacker to look for different attack vectors.

For any code,
- ALWAYS implement whitelisting approach (i.e. always give access based on the credentials users have)
- WEAR the "untrusted user" hat when writing code
- ONLY use libraries that are known to be secure
- THINK about the attack surface from the first line of code

If it is a service interface,
- Have the bare minimum number of functions (this will reduce the number of entry points for an untrusted user) - if a function is not going to be used by any user, just remove it.

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