Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flu trend

Now that Purdue has increased the awareness on H1N1 Influenza, I just wanted to see how it is being treated in rest of the world. I used Google Trends assuming the volume of search is roughly proportional to what I am after (there may be better tools for this?). Looks like Asians are more obsessed with H1N1 Influenza (aka swine flu). Also checked the trend in USA..people in USA have also started to search on H1N1 again from last month; there's a similar tend in Indiana state (looking at the cities it appears to be mainly by people in universities P, IU, IUPUI) .

- All regions in 2009 for the term H1N1
Swine flu - All regions in 2009 for the term "swine flu"

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