Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Starting a sub sandwitch business applying MapReduce :)

Here's the simplified process:

Input map to the mapper:
item1 -> bread, item2 -> cucumber, item3 -> green pepper, item4 -> tomato, item5 -> lettuce, item6 -> onion

Output map of the mapper:
item1 -> sliced bread, , item2 -> sliced cucumber, item3 -> chopped green pepper, item4 -> sliced tomato, item5 -> chopped lettuce, item6 -> sliced onion

Output map of the reducer:
vegi subs

That's the start-up. It is self-explanatory to see how easy it is to parallelize these tasks and make subs quickly on the fly. As the business grows, adding different varieties of breads, toppings, meats, etc. is quite easy too.

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