Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life is like a camera man

Life is like a camera man
Focus on what is important .. you can neither do everything nor make everyone happy
Capture the good times .. positive attitude helps succeed in life
Share the captures with the loved ones.. sharing is caring
If you miss an opportunity, keep looking for the next one .. when one door closes, many other opens
Sometimes you have to wait patiently .. but the reward is high
With time you become better at taking shots .. practice makes you perfect
Develop from the negatives .. mistakes are what makes you stronger
And if it does not look good, take another shot.. never give up, try try and try
Recharge the camera regularly .. life is not a rat race .. stop and take a moment to enjoy as you shoot away
Take good care of the camera as it is too precious to loose .. your health is wealth

(Taken from elsewhere and altered)

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