Tuesday, August 5, 2014

[Thoughts] Why are we so reluctant to change?

I am no motivational speaker or a self-help guru .. but I was pondering about the fact that how reluctant we are to change. We are very comfortable to continue to what we do even if there is a new and better way of doing it. Why are we so reluctant to change? In my opinion, it is the culture and education that we are brought up. Our culture has taught us that failure is a bane; failure is look down upon. We fear failure when thinking about change. Further, our education system has taught us to follow the path others had followed before us. Taking risks or trying something new is not rewarded unless you succeed. It is so deeply rooted that we sometimes say "the known devil is better than the unknown angel" to avoid change. This has to change! Even the cooperate culture is no different. Organizations are also very reluctant to change even though the change provides many benefit. The following picture depicts this fact nicely:

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